piątek, 19 maja 2017

Off shoulder top

Today's was very very very very hot. And Im so happy because of that. Finally summer is here!I couldn't wait for it - so I decided to put on one of my favourites for this summer. This white top is beautiful, and look at these sleeves..You can wear it up, you can wear it down, whatever you prefer..
I paired this top, with some classy denim shorts, and a pair of flats - my favourite shoes for the summer. I add some accesories like earrings, delicate white choker, and that will be all. Oh and i put my hair in a bun. I love this hairstyle. I guess that this is gonna be my fav hairstyle for the summer time!
Thats it for now,I hope you enjoy, let me know in the comments what do you think:).

Oh and let me know what do you think about making my very first video on YT..I have an idea for the video!

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