czwartek, 3 listopada 2016

Checked coat

Todays weather was so freakin cold. I didnt take this photos today, because I wouldnt wear this on such a cold was 4 degrees..Today going to work at 8 am when there was like -3184866485 degrees I put on some high waist jeans, a warm sweater, very warm and thick jacket,beanie,gloves and you're good to go. The day that I took these photos was a little but warmer, so here it is! For the warmer weather (I mean like 10 degrees haha) I love autumn and winter, but I hate the fact how many clothes you need to wear underneath to not become an ice cube haha. Hope you enjoy!

wtorek, 25 października 2016

Black jeans

Hi guys!
Todays was very beautiful, sunny day, so of course I decided to take some photos!
Me and me friend took my dog, and went for a walk to a nearby forest! We were throwing her sticks, she was running and looked so happy <3 That is what I really envy about dogs. All they need is food(of course me to), a little walk, some sticks and they are happy haha. But going back to this outfit, Im wearing knitted sweater, some black booties, my favourite lately ripped black jeans, and a hat. This very comfy and its perfect for more warmer weather - like this day. Hope you guys enjoy!

poniedziałek, 17 października 2016

Burgundy faux

Hi loves!
Todays weather was very cold, and windy so, I decided to wear my favourite fake fur, in this beautiful burgundy colour that I got actualy last year when I was in Madrid. Its so comfy, cozy, and warm so I love it <3! Underneath Im wearing a turtleneck, some ripped jeans, and my new favourite boots from Zara. I would never wear real fur, and feel the fur of real animal that was alive  once..But I dont want to think about it and get you sad in this pretty fall weather!
Hope you have a good monday!